5 Steps Paschoalin

1. One to one mentoring

Will be defined, together with your company, the strategy and the desired goals to be achieved in Brazil.

2. Appointment confirmation

Meetings with key persons for your company’s success in Brazil as R&D centers and Oil companies operational and management teams.

3. Preparing for the meeting

Pre-meeting in Paschoalin’s office to discuss presentation and meeting strategy, business etiquette and Brazilian culture (behavior) during the meeting.

4. During the meeting

Active participation with technical knowledge. Assisting with translation

5. After the meeting

Support you to establish your company: • Bureaucracy registration

• Advise to hire the right staff

• Support in applying for financial incentive for research

Your clients companies can be invited to visit your company, offices and technical divisions as part of our ongoing marketing efforts.

Delivery and collection of tender documents

Introducing your company in the Brazilian business community:

• Organizing and inviting potential local clients, partners or agencies to receptions,

• Meetings and seminars, where we can personally present your product or service.