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Cefront Technology personnel are co-inventors and co-founders and responsible for commercialization and execution of numerous marine solutions resulting in significant impact to the energy section. This includes for example bow loading systems (BLS), submerged turret loading (STL), free fall lifeboats, production and storage platforms, floatel and logistic hub units, mooring systems, and drilling units. Cefront also provides consultancy within naval architecture and project management.


Cranemaster is a Norwegian company founded in 1983 by Ernst B. Johansen. In response for an increasing number of lifting incidents in the North Sea, Johansen invented Passive Heave Compensation (PHC) for offshore lifts. Cranemaster is today a world leader in the field, working closely with the world’s largest offshore construction companies.

Mounted between the hook and the load, Cranemaster shock absorbers and passive heave compensators expands your vessel capabilities while protecting your crane and personnel. The result is improved operational weather window, reduced probability of snap loads and reduced heave motion.

For more information about Cranemaster, access the website, or contact Paschoalin, Cranemaster’s official representative in Brazil.

Deep Casing Tools

Deep Casing Tools operates on every continent helping oil and gas companies drill more successful wells, with greater efficiency. DCT develops a range of sustainable, simple and proven technologies that provide a complete solution across the entire drilling and completion cycle, helping customers reduce time, cost, risk and emissions.

In well construction, well completion, as well as casing removal and abandonment, Deep Casing Tools is the right choice for drilling and completion engineers looking for simple, enabling technologies that deliver better results, faster, and in a sustainable, aligned manner with zero net targets.

The global demand for a secure energy supply means that oil and gas will continue to be part of the energy mix of the future, however, hydrocarbon drilling must proceed as efficiently as possible and with net zero in mind. Simple and sustainable solutions are therefore essential.

Innovative technology like Deep Casing Tools is not only helping operators to reduce emissions, but also to locate and access remaining reserves as efficiently as possible. Because its technology allows operators to own enclosures on the first try, we can help them achieve reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions through significant design time savings.

In Brazil, Deep Casing Tools is represented by Paschoalin, for more information contact us or visit the official DCT website.


The IADC, International Association of Drilling Contractors, was founded in 1940 by a group of visionaries who believed that drilling contractors needed a collective voice to defend their interests in our industry. From that small but auspicious beginnings, the IADC has withstood major changes in the industry to become the modern and influential association it is today.

IADC operates on 6 continents and its members are the global leaders in the drilling industry. IADC is recognized worldwide for accreditation programs, publications, conferences and advocacy work. Always working to gain global recognition for the industry’s vital role in enabling the global economy and its high standards of safety, environmental management and operational efficiency.

Its solid 80-year history was only made possible by its members’ commitment to supporting the Association, and their experience and participation are valued. In Brazil, IADC operates through the IADC Brazil Chapter, which is the only IADC chapter located in Latin America, showing the importance of Brazil, the state of Rio de Janeiro and, especially, the city of Macaé, where it is based, in oil production and drilling industry.

During all these years, the IADC Brazil Chapter has been playing its strategic role as a catalyst for the onshore and offshore oil drilling industry in Brazil. Being a reference in the technical and operational areas of the industry, along with operators (IOC’s) and in the HSE area, always seeking the safety of operations.

IPT Global

IPT is an American company based in Texas that is dedicated to developing innovative digital solutions for the world’s leading energy companies, providing the tools and knowledge needed to improve well safety, efficiency and performance. IPT was the first company to recognize the need to modernize integrity management through superior technology and pair it with industry-leading advisory services. It’s been our guiding principle since we began in 2010. IPT has continued to grow and set itself above by developing proprietary algorithms that produce definitive test results providing the highest levels of assurance.

IPT is dedicated to working closely with its clients to establish and continuously improve the safest and most efficient well integrity operations possible.

At IPT it is developed digital well integrity solutions that help companies reach new levels of safety, performance and compliance. Its consulting tools and services are available in three main options: SureTec, SureView and SureOps.

Accuracy and objectivity are key when it comes to well pressure testing. SureTec is a fully digital planning and testing solution that delivers consistent, definitive and easily reportable results.

Available data can mean the difference between assurance and uncertainty. SureView is a cloud-based solution that provides live and historical analysis of your well’s health and performance, allowing you to plan your next action from anywhere in the world.

IPT experts bring decades of combined well integrity experience. SureOps lets you leverage this knowledge and experience as support, security consulting, training, and more.

Rena Quality Group

Rena Quality Group is an environmental solutions provider, offering products and services in wastewater and solid water treatment. Its focus is on its own patented products that meet the strictest environmental regulations with high operational and economic efficiency. Rena offers its customers forward-thinking technology with a focus on low risk, both environmental and financial, always seeking to create a safe working environment. Rena customizes its solutions according to the needs of its customers, aiming to achieve their goals through a positive work environment, qualified personnel, planning and quality control/management systems.

Rena Quality Group is certified according to the latest publication of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015..

In Brazil, Paschoalin is responsible for providing full support to Rena do Brasil, which together with Rena Quality Group offers products and services in wastewater treatment and solids treatment with state-of-the-art technology. Currently, Rena works in some projects related to water treatment in the Brazilian offshore, with companies such as Altera..

For more information about the technology of the RENA QUALITY GROUP, visit the website.


SeaLoading is a company based on the southern coast of Norway founded in 2014. SeaLoading holds all rights to the proprietary CTV technology, and we own and operate a fleet of vessels based on the unique CTV technology. In addition to our highly qualified personnel, SeaLoading works closely with industry leaders to ensure our services can be offered worldwide.

Since its inception in 2014, SeaLoading has worked closely with a number of oil majors, as well as ensuring reduced costs and emissions from offshore loading operations combining our proprietary technology and high quality ship owning. Together with our clients SeaLoading is committed to deliver on our mission to create value for the industry and society through innovation and safe operations.

Sealoading’s proprietary CTV technology enables direct offshore loading to conventional tankers of any size from offshore fields worldwide.

The CTV technology is a cost efficient, flexible, safe and energy saving method of transferring oil from offshore oil fields onto conventional tankers. The CTV technology is an alternative to already existing methods for offshore loading, such as tandem loading, shuttle tankers or single point mooring systems. In addition, CTV technology allows the vessel to operate safely in offshore fields without the need for modification of conventional FPSOs or tankers. This is based on the use of proven equipment, solutions, software and operations, combining and enhancing these elements in a unique and specialized vessel design.

For more information about Sealoading’s CTV technology, visit the website.

Wild Well Control

Founded in 1975, Wild Well is the world’s leading provider of onshore and offshore well control emergency response, pressure control, relief well planning, engineering, and training services. Wild Well is global leader in emergency response, well control, subsea operations, and training by offering a range of services to meet the industry’s ever-changing needs, while taking on and resolving the most challenging oil and gas incidents around the world.

Whenever the integrity of a well or operation is at risk, Wild Well responds quickly with experienced personnel and customized equipment. Best known for its emergency response to complicated and dynamic well control events that increase the risk/consequence profile on site, the company has successfully modeled hundreds of wells in a variety of environments and specializes in hedging operations performed in extreme conditions.

Resolving a well control event may require a skill set outside the scope of normal drilling operations. Wild Well’s engineering team can assist its customer with the design and execution of the remediation efforts necessary to return to a typical drilling environment..

Owning competent well control personnel available and familiar with operations, whether in the office or in the field, helps provide the safest and most effective options for resolving well control events. Whether the solution involves implementing traditional downhole constant pressure methods of well control or non-traditional techniques to recover the primary barrier envelope, Wild Well Control has the experience and knowledge to help its customers during any well control safely.

In Brazil, Paschoalin is responsible for representing Wild Well, providing total assistance between its customers in Brazilian territory and the American company. For more information about Wild Well visit the website.


Verhoef was founded 80 years ago and has since been an innovative company that has made a name for itself by building boat access systems, all types of aluminum lifeboats, aluminum (patrol) boats as well as other aluminum products. for the shipbuilding industry such as gangway systems. As Verhoef’s exclusive representatives for Brazil, we at Paschoalin work mainly with the gangway system.

In 2016 Verhoef sold, installed and commissioned the three existing gangways in the T-Oil of Porto do Açu. Aluminum free fall lifeboat technology.

Verhoef pioneered the design and manufacture of aluminum lifeboats.At first, traditionally built, open lifeboats, of which over 5,000 were delivered.But in 1961 Joost Verhoef, founder of Verhoef, built and tested the world’s first free-fall lifeboats, this contributed significantly to the safety of all seafarers at sea. Already at that time, and ahead of legislation requirements, the free-fall lifeboat was self-righting, which was yet another improvement over the conventional design of an open, davit-launched lifeboat.

The concept, with the aluminum free-fall lifeboat, together with its free-fall launch system, has become widely recognised, appreciated and awarded by many international authorities.

Even when exposed to the most extreme conditions, such as fire or being filled with water, the Verhoef free-fall lifeboat has proven itself to be a lifesaving device capable of withstanding the most stringent safety requirements. Since then, many ships and offshore platforms around the world have been fitted with Verhoef Freefall lifeboats.

Gangway System

Verhoef Access Technology specializes in designing and manufacturing customer-specific ship-to-shore access equipment with telescopic gangways, lifting platforms, storage cranes and fire monitoring columns, which provide safe passage from ship to shore for crew of all types of vessels in the petrochemical industry.

But it’s not just the petrochemical industry that benefits from Verhoef’s expertise, passenger cruise terminals and airlines have already found that Verhoef offers safe and reliable access equipment.


InduMar is an American company that since 1986 has provided innovative solutions for pipeline repair, infrastructure rehabilitation and corrosion control. Its STOP IT® line of pipe repair products offers superior leak sealing capabilities for the most common pipe leak problems. Their custom repair systems combine proprietary resins with specialty products to solve extreme problems.

InduMar’s experience is present in many sectors, such as:

– Refinery/petrochemical
– Offshore oil and gas production
– Commercial and offshore marine
– mining power
– Cellulose paper

InduMar products can be divided into five categories, they are:

Leak seal
Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a perforated pipe, InduMar’s Leak Repair and Spill Control products provide quick response solutions for most leaks and a way to contain them. All in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to the most common leaks, cracks and cuts in pipes, drums and tanks.

Mechanical Reinforcement
Mechanical systems are vital to production. InduMar products are customized to repair and reinforce your customers’ mechanical systems, structures and piping. Its proprietary urethane resin is odorless, non-flammable, ready for application and cures through a chemical reaction with water, designed for your specific situation. Their products are durable, high-strength materials that are impervious to fuels, most chemicals and solvents. This way customers can get the repair solution that fits their situation.

Wear resistance
Off-the-shelf solutions may not work when you are dealing with thin, cracked or fractured pipe wall and equipment surfaces. Sometimes you need something tailored to your unique situation. They offer products with excellent abrasion and impact resistance with strong adhesion to surfaces that provide superior resistance to environmental degradation.

Chemical resistance
Their products are made for chemical resistance with a solvent-free adhesive system. The InduMar team can customize a resin for any type of application your project needs. Custom formulations give your product exceptional properties of flexibility, adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance, heat resistance, vibration and much more. Special grades are available to handle your special situations.

Corrosion control
Problems with pipe corrosion? InduMar’s STOP IT® Gas Lift Rehabilitation Kit is the ideal corrosion prevention coating for residential and commercial gas meter applications. The Viscotaq® line of corrosion prevention coatings were developed by experts in oil and gas and polymer engineering to be the ultimate solution for corrosion control.


Oliasoft is a Norwegian company that was formed in 2015 by professionals in the energy and software industry dedicated to using the best digital technology to automate the well planning workflow. The result of this work is Oliasoft WellDesign, an integrated cloud engineering platform that transforms the process of building cost-effective, safe and effective well design systems.

Customized solutions
WellDesign’s suite of advanced simulation engines automates well planning and operations, dramatically improving efficiency and safety.

Oliasoft’s open API allows users to create custom solutions by joining Oliasoft and third-party applications as building blocks. The system can be accessed from any operating system, with any browser, allowing virtual teams to collaborate in real-time.Oliasoft WellDesign is suitable for any device and browser compliant with modern standards, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera and more. most”.

Oliasoft’s technology can also be applied in other sectors such as geothermal energy and carbon capture and storage.

Rock Flow Dynamics

Rock Flow Dynamics is the developer of tNavigator, a complete and comprehensive reservoir management solution that leverages modern computing architecture to deliver superior speed, scalability and ease of use for integrated dynamic and static modeling from reservoir to surface networks.

Promoting cross-domain collaboration, tNavigator allows subsurface teams to work together on your reservoir in a single environment, without wasting time or data when migrating between different applications. In tNavigator you will find unique integrated workflows from geophysics to reservoir modeling, enabling geoscientists to build a robust interpretation and reservoir model of their field. In the same interface, models can be instantly transported to reservoir simulation, enabling complete field analysis and assessment and your team to make informed decisions about your assets.


Panterra is a Norwegian company and was founded in October 2008 in Arendal. The company proudly pursues a mechanical business that started in already in 1976. Today we have a varied machinery park consisting of CNC controlled and conventional machines that can process all types of steel, metal and plastic.

Panterra supplies products for a wide variety of customers within the oil, offshore, process and shipbuilding industry. Production takes place in modern premises and is based on skilled workers with high competence.


Accessible anywhere, anytime, the SaaS-based Peloton Platform allows oil and gas operators to view and manage vital operational data across three solution areas integrated into one fully hosted platform. Developed in partnership with Microsoft’s Azure technology, this customizable platform delivers a seamless user experience to help organizations achieve maximum value from Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle, and Land Data Management solutions.


Panterra is a Norwegian company and was founded in October 2008 in Arendal. The company proudly pursues a mechanical business that started in already in 1976. Today we have a varied machinery park consisting of CNC controlled and conventional machines that can process all types of steel, metal and plastic.

Panterra supplies products for a wide variety of customers within the oil, offshore, process and shipbuilding industry. Production takes place in modern premises and is based on skilled workers with high competence.


The EMSTEC headquarters are in Oststeinbek, Hamburg, Germany. Established in 1998, EMSTEC supplies a wide range of components for the dredging as well as offshore oil industry and ship builders. They offer unique flexible Oil hose solutions and high-quality manufactured products to vessels, port and offshore infrastructure.


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